Drop Your Beats

A campaign to fight sexism and harmful lyrics in music.

Sometimes negative words set to a beat go by unnoticed. Song lyrics shouldn't get a pass when they degrade women. We filmed a video that illustrates the concept. For a demo of the full interactive version, click here.

AD: Gianna D'Amico   XD: Yanci WU


OOH Posters

We grab attention by putting real examples of negative lyrics into the world. This gives people a chance to see song lyrics out of context and consider they're meaning. When the posters are torn down, they reveal positive song lyrics and a hashtag that connects to the full campaign. 



We created a simple visual of headphones on the ground to symbolize protest. Combined with a rotating hashtag, anyone can call out musicians by name and ask them to #dropyour______.



The images are designed to grab attention on social feeds.



A microsite contains a tool that lets users create their own images for social media, helping their voice be heard.