Arby's Super Bowl Takeover

Arby's and Fallon asked for ideas to get the attention of everyone watching the next Super Bowl. This is the idea that won the pitch.

We Have The Seats

We took advantage of the one thing brands haven't done before: buying actual Super Bowl seats and sticking their product in them. Want a presence at the game? That's a literal presence. 

A sandwich with its chaperones. 

Sandwich Chaperones

How did that sandwich get in the stadium? A pair of Arby's chaperones escorted him inside of course. They keep an eye on the little fella and manage the crowd around him, but more importantly - manage his live stream. 

Multiple live streams from sandwich cams. 

Live Stream

That's right, our chaperones live stream the sandwich watching the game. This is the place all our fans get to react to the sandwich as he throws confetti, waves his foam finger (with the chaperone's help), and enjoys the game. 


Arby's will be responding to fans on the stream, and also on Twitter - issuing challenges in exchange for prizes. Sandwich haiku anyone?

Kicked Out

Our sandwiches might get so much attention they get removed by the NFL, but that's great - because a live stream of a sandwich getting kicked out is even better than a sandwich watching a game.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 3.05.14 PM.png

The Day After

What the headlines might be. 

Sandwiches Cast in Bronze

The famous sandwiches that attend the Super Bowl are cast in bronze and sent to Arby's restaurants around the country for fans to admire, and when they take a picture of them with our hashtag they're entered into a contest to win seats at next year's game.